Customer Experience Consultant: Make Sure Remote Work Doesn’t Distance You from Customers

29 Jun, 2021 | By

COVID-19 changed the world in terms of customer experience. Now, more than ever, customers are looking online to meet their needs. But while buying habits have changed as a CX consultant, I can tell you what customers expect hasn’t. Your customers still expect speedy service and quality products/service. But how do you reconcile that when so many team members are working from home?

It’s safe to say the world is rapidly evolving in terms of customer experience—aka cx experience. Getting ahead and staying ahead of customer expectations is paramount, especially in a world where it’s all too easy for a customer to blow up your hard-earned reputation with a negative review.

How to Deliver WOW Online

So, how do you go about delivering wow to customers in a world where customer interaction has fundamentally changed? As I already stated, what customers want really hasn’t changed. What has changed is the remote way of engaging. In many ways, this is a positive. Because as a CX Consultant, following the footsteps of your customers in a digital world is easier than ever. The trick is knowing what they’re feeling/thinking as they shop through their smartphones and laptops.

As the pandemic wanes and communities open up, will customers return to brick and mortar locations? Some will, but overall it looks like the digital age with online groceries, shopping, and restaurants is here to stay. And the companies recognize this quickly and adjust will be further ahead.

As a Customer Experience Consultant, I work with a lot of businesses trying to refine their online experience for customers. Online interactions can yield a goldmine of information that can be tapped to refine customer service and deliver an experience that truly wows.

Although it may be hard to believe, embracing the reality of online business makes it easier to understand your customers’ psychology and connect meaningfully. Gone are the days of panels or meeting customers where they are. Today’s conversations are taking place remotely—where customers live, work, and play. If you want to make sure your customers are being heard, learn more about cx experience and how I’m teaming up with companies who want to make online outstanding.

Customer Experience Consultant

As a CX Consultant, Leslie collaborates with businesses in Toronto, New York, and Chicago. Through actionable strategies based on empirical data, Leslie has worked with some of the largest organizations in the US and Canada and provides one-on-one strategies for businesses looking for strategic, long-term solutions that offer genuine improvement.