Gaining Momentum through Alignment: Strategies from a Business Consultant

04 Aug, 2021 | By

Do you feel like team members aren’t listening? Are you missing out on important goals and deadlines? As a business consultant, policy deployment isn’t about implementing rigid rules but defining priorities to come up with the most effective changes to realize organizational goals faster and more efficiently.

When is policy deployment necessary? When it feels like you and your team members are on the verge of burnout. Yet somehow, progress is minimal. Milestones are being missed, and progress has ground to a halt. There may be a generalized feeling of ennui in the organization. Maybe turnover is on the rise. These are the telltale signs your organization is facing an alignment crisis.

Exactly what does this mean? In a nutshell, too many people are pulling in different directions. Resources are scattered. Priorities within the organization are poorly understood and badly defined. Team members don’t know which tasks should take precedence–or which bring the greatest value. And so, they waste time on busywork. These are typically simple, safe tasks they feel they can complete competently, without creating a lot of friction within the organization. And the trade-off is other tasks–ones more important towards advancing organizational goals–are left on the backburner.

Policy Deployment for Growth

It’s a challenge many corporations face. Particularly when shifting into a growth phase that means abandoning the old way of doing things. This can trigger anxiety, uncertainty, and even outright rebellion among team members. Handled poorly, the results can vary from increased infractions to resignations.

Struggling with alignment is a common hurdle for global organizations. It’s almost a rite of passage. How do you keep team members aligned, when there are multiple independent departments–or even offices scattered around the globe?

One of the solutions I put forward as a business consultant is a structured policy deployment process. Organizational alignment is critical when it comes to circumventing or breaking down resistance. More significantly, it imbues team members with greater purpose and passion, which often translates to greater job satisfaction and performance. No one wants to let the team down.

5 Policy Deployment Strategies to Gain (or Regain) Momentum: The Business Consultant’s Approach

Effective policy deployment not only considers organization goals but is also framed with your team members and customers in mind. Consider these five tips to get everyone in your organization on the same page:

1) Align everything you do with purpose, and make sure it means something. This is not the time for branding or nice-sounding jargon. It needs to be easy to understand and actionable.

2) Make it easy for team members to buy-in.  Client-led strategies work best. The needs of the people purchasing your product/service have to take precedent. It should make sense why policies are being implemented. If deployment policy ignores or disregards the needs of the customer, it’s going to be harder to implement, especially among customer-facing team members, because you’re making it harder for them to do their jobs.

3) KISS–Keep it simple, silly. A policy that’s well defined and streamlined is going to be easier to remember and implement.

4) Define what winning looks like. Are you meeting your goals? Making progress? Make sure team members know. It’s not about handing out trophies, but as a leader, you need to reinforce when things are going right—not just when they’re going wrong.

5) Collaborate! Before locking down on policy get feedback from the people implementing it and find out what they think. Who agrees? Who doesn’t? What are the reasons? Fear and uncertainty can lead to resistance. Simple policy is always easier to implement.

Could your team benefit from greater alignment? Policy development allows organizations to tap into the true potential of their teams and unlock success. So much becomes possible when everyone is pulling in the same direction. As a business consultant, I work with organizations in Toronto, New York, and Chicago. Through strategic policy deployment customized around your needs, I have successfully helped align organizations, enabling them to meet goals and deadlines faster.

Let’s discuss your challenges and opportunities. As a business consultant, I’m ready to suggest strategies to unlock your goals. Book a free consultation today.