Start Optimizing Customer Experience Now

05 Mar, 2021 | By

Customer experience is crucial to businesses pursuing rapid growth. It’s essential to be able to deliver what’s promised—and then delight your customers with extra attention and care. Of course, every customer is different. Interactions can additionally be influenced by factors not in your control, so how do you start delivering wow when it comes to customer experience?

As a CX consultant in Toronto, I work with clients across the US and Canada (mostly virtually these days). When improving customer experience is a priority, you need to turn to data. But where to begin? Many companies have such an abundance of data, it can be tough to know where to start. And sometimes translating data can be overwhelming and tough to interpret.

CX Consulting in Toronto – Customer Journey Mapping

My go-to starting point for all customer experience consults is a customer journey map. Mapping is often a useful exercise in understanding how to direct cx improvements.

  • Define the Customer – The first step is determining your typical customer(s). What characteristics define the core group using your product or service. This should extend to gender, age, needs—even preferences. You may also consider what type of customer do you hope to attract—your ideal client
  • Talk about Feelings – This is crucial when looking at customer experience data. How do you improve if you don’t know what people think? As a CX consultant in Toronto, I have a secret weapon—I ask. Usually, I’ll use a 1 – 3 scale, positive or negative, and ask customers how they felt when a certain interaction happened. The higher the number, the more intense the emotion.
  • Connect the dots – Remember, implementing feedback is imperative. Don’t lose the connection between your customer’s experience and your internal processes. If processes don’t change to reflect findings, it’s likely customer experience—both good and bad—will also remain the same.

Remember, it’s okay to dig deep with select customers. Chances are their experiences are systemic. You’re learning to help them—and all your other customers. Start by conducting a pilot. Plan, experiment, measure—and implement changes that increase satisfaction and success.

Customer Experience Consulting Across the US and Canada

As a CX Consultant in Toronto, Leslie Barker surveys and analyzes different touchpoints of your customer journey. For many businesses, customer experience is key to building stronger relationships and brand loyalty. Leslie provides actionable strategies to enhance interactions through actionable customer-driven data. To learn more or get started, call 416.528.7990