Business Consulting Toronto: Creating Respect, Focus, and Continuous Improvement – Part 3

09 Jun, 2020 | By

Through services for business consulting, Toronto native Leslie Barker collaborates with businesses to overcome hurdles and achieve profitability and growth. In the last blog, we looked at an issue around leadership coaching. A business that was having supply chain challenges. But the team huddles that were meant to resolve issues were making certain team members feel singled out, which resulted in defensive feelings.

Mike’s revamp of the huddle system has caused DJ to struggle. Mike’s 3-step process makes sense for several reasons:

  • Fact-based information is meant to flow up the organization
  • Targets should be visible, appropriate to the work of the team and aligned to overall strategic goals
  • Attendance and sincere participation are mandatory

Although DJ knows the new system is beneficial, he can’t help how it makes him feel. The team needs to understand the supply problems to address the issues. However, by focusing on deficits and performance shortcomings, DJ has been put into a defensive potion. By declaring he doesn’t “need help,” the team cannot get the information and insight required to move forward.

Mike noticed DJ struggling and made a special effort to help. He observed DJ’s huddle, without interfering. Mike noticed that DJ is a good leader. He cares deeply about his team members, protects them and advocates for them. DJ has made an honest effort to follow the process Mike had laid out for team huddles. DJ even set up Quality and Delivery KPIs that were comprehensive and meaningful to the team.

Mike & DJ debriefed quietly after each huddle. Mike asked a lot of questions about DJ’s approach. Eventually, DJ realized that while process is important, mindset is everything. Together they articulated 3 key mindsets critical for everyone participating in a huddle.

  • It’s okay and even expected for everyone to seek advice or support when the situation is off-target
  • No ideas are bad, some may simply be ahead of their time.
  • Great leadership is not about being green, nor does Red signal poor leadership. Rather, it’s about going after something that is challenging and actively participating in that endeavor

Once DJ could lock onto a more positive mindset, the tone and tenor of the huddle changed. It wasn’t easy. It took some effort and concentration at first but over time it became easier.

DJ – Okay everyone, let’s huddle. I see the latest stats are up on the board. Thanks for making your information visible. Let’s look at delivery first. Our performance is moving in a great direction. We haven’t performed this well in a long time. We haven’t quite reached our targeted results, but I’m confident we’ll get there. Tell me what happen last shift.

Dave – Well I looked at that idea from Hugo about better organization for some of the high-volume supplies. I’d never really had time to think it out in that way. I’m really grateful to Hugo for sharing with us.

Emma – Well, if it works for Dave, I should give it a try. If we can all get up and running on this new system, we might be able to meet and even exceed the target.

DJ – Well done, everyone. I realize we’re still red, but I see light at the end of this tunnel. How can I support you?

Hugo – I noticed some supplies seem to have chronic outages. I wonder if there is someone in the supply chain who can help with the reorder process.

DJ – Anyone in particular you’d like to reach out to? If so, go ahead. in the meantime, I’ll take this to Mike’s organization-wide huddle and ask Sarah who heads up Supply Chain how her team can help us. Now, anything else? How’s everyone feeling today? 

Dave – Much better. I’m still a bit frantic at times, but if we can solve half our supply issues, it’s definitely progress.

Emma – Nothing to add here. I’ll let you know tomorrow how things go for me.

Hugo – I’m good, too.

DJ – I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. I think if we keep the right attitude, there’s nothing we can’t tackle together.

Business Consulting Toronto – Executive Coaching

Executive coaching works to deconstruct the traditional chains of command and touches on three vital components: 

  • Engaging and challenging teams to maximize yield, personal development, and alignment
  • Prioritizing activities and results that advance overarching company goals
  • Creating systems where organizations can continually nurture and develop leaders

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