Through incremental changes, Leslie Barker shows next-generation leaders how to effectively process information and guide team members.

In her program for Executive Coaching, Leslie Barker moves beyond the traditional corporate framework. Instead of supervision, the emphasis is guidance and mentorship. Through incremental changes, next-generation leaders gradually learn how to process information and guide team members.

Molding Lean Leaders

As a lean business consultant, Leslie works with organizations around Toronto and across North America, her approach to executive coaching and professional development touches on three vital components:

The most critical aspect is aligning teams around a shared goal, a why that guides every important decision. While the emphasis is always customer value, the most important takeaways will be learning how to increase speed, reduce waste, and leverage the impact of talented team members.

Achieve Sustainable, Competitive Growth

Through lean business consulting methods, Leslie shares how to leverage human capital for sustainable, competitive growth. With a portfolio of tools designed to enhance and expand client experience, it’s possible to transform organizations from the inside-out. Learn how to create a new generation leaders who understand the value of respect, learning, and continuous improvement.

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