Beyond 5-star reviews, customer service is how competitive businesses differentiate themselves.

As an experienced CX consultant  in Toronto, Leslie Barker looks at how customer service impacts your organization as a whole. Beyond 5-star reviews, customer service is how competitive businesses differentiate themselves. Offer a lukewarm experience and even faithful customers may be tempted to look elsewhere for better perks and benefits.

End-to-End Strategies

Through proven business consulting acumen, Leslie Barker draws on lean methods to guide organizations through the three most important aspects of Customer Service Consulting:

Today, Customer Experience Consulting, or CX Consulting, has evolved considerably. Beyond focussing on the end delivery of a product or service, Leslie looks at systematic service delivery across the full value chain. She considers how to optimize interactions, increase value, and eliminate errors. In competitive industries, customer service is more important than any other strategic initiative.

With a fresh outside-in perspective, Leslie leverages almost 20 years of experience as a CX consultant  to map all perspective touchpoints in your customer journey. You gain an in-depth understanding of where your organization excels and which areas need work. More significantly, you gain a toolset and framework that allows you to understand what drives customers, making it easier to focus on areas that are meaningful and relevant.

Grow Profits & Loyalty

As a CX consultant  in Toronto, Leslie uses methods like Kaizen and Six Sigma to boost profits, savings, and brand loyalty. Through her powerful observation-based approach, Leslie works to boost day-to-day interactions while simultaneously refining sales funnels and even supply chains through powerful, customer-driven insights.

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