Lean Expansion caters to businesses targeting rapid results. Leslie has a proven track record of working with organizations in Toronto and across North America. Backed by an MBA and profit/loss expertise in a broad range of industries, her portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies, among other notable brands. By leveraging 20 years’ experience, Leslie deftly maps operations before coming up with solutions to improve productivity, cycle times, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

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Business Consulting in Toronto and Across North America

Customer Experience Consulting / CX Consulting

Increase value by focusing on strategic touchpoints of your customer’s journey and coming up with actionable strategies to build a customer-focused culture. Learn more.

Policy Deployment

Align improvement activities with strategic objectives. Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment) is a method for creating and executing a simple, comprehensive plan to meet important goals on your timeline. Learn more.

Design Thinking

A little perspective is a good thing. By dissecting your business model, it’s possible to challenge assumptions and come up with creative, scalable solutions that will work now–and long into the future. Learn more.

Executive Coaching

Give team leaders the tools for success. Learn the principles of continuous improvement and collaboratively chart a course that leads to sustainable, competitive growth. Learn more.

Proven Results

Recent Accomplishments

Doubled company sales (215%) and improved product delivery (267%)
Designed comprehensive systems that staved off aggressive competitors and saved +$15 million of revenue in year one
Strengthened revenue streams (109.3%) and reduced staffing needs (96.7%) while improving employee engagement +12%

Leslie Barker, MBA + Principal

Senior Business Consultant

Businesses are evolving. No longer run as a linear set of activities, they have become platforms that connect producers and consumers. Through diverse business consulting services, Leslie teams up with organizations to create systems for continuous and sustained improvement.

With a background in finance and a Masters of Business Administration, Leslie spent much of her career focused on manufacturing, either navigating internal transformations or consulting to expand the knowledge-base of leadership teams. Early on, she learned the principles of TQM, which provided undeniable results. Leslie then experimented with Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System (Lean Thinking) before transitioning to Lean Start-up, Lean Digital, and the 4D process. Today, Leslie draws on all these, tailoring management systems for businesses targeting specific results.

Leslie launched Lean Expansion Business Consulting in 2009. She offers a demonstrated ability to work in diverse industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Consumer Manufacturing, Healthcare, Software Development, & Agriculture and has experience advancing global strategies for multibillion-dollar companies.

As an experienced business consultant, Leslie understands the challenges of iterative learning. She is skilled at making connections and consults with organizations to implement sophisticated, yet streamlined management systems.

Advancing complex global strategies for multibillion-dollar companies.


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