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Self-Reflection in Business Consulting: Necessary Steps for Strategic Planning in the New Year

The new year is a time for reflection and resolutions, both especially important for business leaders undertaking strategic planning. Achieving growth means setting intentions and well-defined milestones. As a lean business consultant who collaborates with organizations in New York, Chicago, and Toronto, I advise clients that business growth is a lot like personal growth, it requires reflection and learning […]

18 Jan, 2022 | By
Boosting Productivity for Businesses

As a business consultant serving New York, Chicago, and Toronto productivity is one of my most popular asks. Specifically, clients want to know how to make their organization more productive. In many of these cases, they have sales and plenty of growth, but they can’t meet demand in a timely way. Even with team members working […]

13 Dec, 2021 | By
An Expensive Way to Save Money: Reframing How Businesses Cut Costs Through Kaizen

Can anything good come from cost-cutting? Usually, it’s associated with lean times-trimming products/services to stay afloat (or maximize profits). Whatever the reason, it’s often the customers who feel the effects, and that’s the reason cost-cutting gets such a bad rap. This is unfair. Part of running a successful business is streamlining costs, but how a […]

29 Nov, 2021 | By
Using Agile Leadership to Revamp During COVID

COVID has taken a toll on many businesses. Wouldn’t it be great if we could transform our business using our existing resources? As a business consultant collaborating with clients in New York, Chicago, and Toronto, agile leadership is becoming key to thriving in a competitive environment. Try to consider your team members. A helicopter boss […]

01 Nov, 2021 | By
Business Consulting: Tips for Strategic Planning & Execution

Change is key to business. How do you communicate strategic planning and execution when you’re part of a gigantic office, or even working with global locations? As a business consultant that collaborates with teams in New York, Chicago, and Toronto, I came in to help introduce new strategic policy into a company. The executive team […]

12 Oct, 2021 | By
Accomplish More by Doing Less with a Business Consultant: Process Improvement

I came across a good word the other day—spuddle. It’s archaic terminology, but basically, it means busy work: “to stay busy and fuss about without actually achieving anything of worth.”  And it’s a challenge a lot of businesses have with their teams. In the business world, team members spuddling (turned it into a verb) about […]

31 Aug, 2021 | By
Gaining Momentum through Alignment: Strategies from a Business Consultant

Do you feel like team members aren’t listening? Are you missing out on important goals and deadlines? As a business consultant, policy deployment isn’t about implementing rigid rules but defining priorities to come up with the most effective changes to realize organizational goals faster and more efficiently. When is policy deployment necessary? When it feels like you […]

04 Aug, 2021 | By
Customer Experience Consultant: Make Sure Remote Work Doesn’t Distance You from Customers

COVID-19 changed the world in terms of customer experience. Now, more than ever, customers are looking online to meet their needs. But while buying habits have changed as a CX consultant, I can tell you what customers expect hasn’t. Your customers still expect speedy service and quality products/service. But how do you reconcile that when […]

29 Jun, 2021 | By
Kaizen Consulting: 10 Start-up Steps to a Lean, Mean Management System

Why do business leaders need kaizen consulting? It’s usually not for help with products. It’s rarely to address the dedication of their people. My clients have amazing products and services. However, the framework of their business is another matter. Setting up the right people and systems to keep products and promises flowing smoothly to customers takes […]

23 Mar, 2021 | By
Start Optimizing Customer Experience Now

Customer experience is crucial to businesses pursuing rapid growth. It’s essential to be able to deliver what’s promised—and then delight your customers with extra attention and care. Of course, every customer is different. Interactions can additionally be influenced by factors not in your control, so how do you start delivering wow when it comes to customer […]

05 Mar, 2021 | By