Design thinking works to efficiently solve the problems impeding your strategic goals.

As an experienced Kaizen Consultant, Leslie Barker works to introduce frameworks for continuous improvement. When a challenge occurs, she examines it from multiple angles. Sometimes, the process isn’t just about finding answers but coming up with better questions. Band-aid solutions rarely work in complex organizations—it’s critical to get to the root of the problem.

Smarter Problem Solving

By leveraging methods like lean and Six Sigma, Kaizen Consultant Leslie Barker guides organizations through a patented approach she has introduced to Fortune 500 companies. This includes:

Many solutions implemented by organizations fail because they fail to address underlying issues. Causes are assumed. In Leslie’s approach, testing hypotheses and assumptions are part of the process. By determining the root cause of a problem, it’s possible to come up with multiple solutions and determine which best fits your needs, accounting for specific factors like software requirements, team capacity, learning curve, etc.

Improving Products & Processes

As a Kaizen Consultant, Leslie leverages her experience, drilling down into the details to frame problems that need to be discovered or better understood. Once a problem is defined, it’s possible to develop actionable, scalable solutions that can dramatically improve outputs and processes.

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