Understanding which work aligns most meaningfully with strategic intent is key to sustainable growth.

As a business consultant, Leslie leverages Hoshin Kanri, also known as policy deployment, to help team members prioritize high-value work. When things have always been done a certain way, navigating change can be tricky. Yet this is what growth demands. As a lean business consultant, Leslie Barker brings a fresh outside-in perspective, evaluating organizations to identify how your operations support and impede future growth.

Hoshin Kanri / Policy Deployment

By leveraging methods like Kaizen and Six Sigma, Leslie guides organizations through the three most important aspects of policy deployment:

For competitive businesses, speed is key to relevance, and strategic intent is vital to speed. Organizations that lack clarity focus on output. Without shared intent and alignment, time and resources are wasted on low-value ideas. There’s little insight into the ability and capacity of individual teams or members. The result is chaos—multi-tasking, bottlenecking, and poor decisions. Simply put, your resources are wasted on priorities that do not advance overarching goals.

Progress Through Strategic Intent

Through planning, data, and insight, Toronto business consultant Leslie Barker works to optimize operations. Using a proven toolset and leveraging almost 20 years of experience, Leslie implements solutions to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction. As the benefits begin to snowball, team members gradually become self-sufficient at determining priorities and eliminating busywork. Over time, your organization will spend less while accomplishing more. Ready to learn more?

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