Leadership Consulting: From Survive to Thrive

04 May, 2022 | By leslie@leanexpansion.ca

Shifting market dynamics, high customer expectations, fluctuating turnover, growing competition—leadership is a balancing act, but recent global events have amplified many of the challenges. By leveraging Lean principles, I offer leadership consulting to leaders who want to learn how to better mobilize their teams and create a culture truly aligned with company values, all while achieving the needed strategic goals of the organization.

In my experience in a senior business consulting role for more than 20 years, the most successful businesses are those with the right leaders in the top roles. More than their enviable skillsets, these people understand how to utilize their deep experience to effectively motivate their team. For organizations serious about achieving growth and market share, it’s important to cultivate a culture aligned with the values and strategic direction of the business—and that’s where leadership consulting offers the greatest value.

Leadership Consulting for Strategic Success

Most people imagine leadership consultants are individuals whose sole purpose is to help executives understand and expand their capabilities. In some cases, they may also help top brass set tone and agenda for their tenure. However, so much more is possible. Through Lean Expansion, I offer a holistic approach to consulting. While part of my work is certainly working with leaders to refine their focus, approach, and skills, I also look at leadership

through different lenses and offer services that touch upon diverse a broad spectrum of organizational challenges, which may include:

  • Succession Planning

Identifying, assessing, and developing a diverse pipeline of successors by creating an inclusive process that is fair and effective

  • Executive Onboarding

Assessing and creating an onboarding program custom-tailored to your needs

  • Team Performance

Introducing improvements through systems and milestones that measure factors around team performance, including leadership style and dynamics. Leaders need to understand which factors have the greatest impact on success. I also provide valuable insights into boosting alignment and performance.


For organizations set on growth and expansion, optimal performance is unlocked by visionary leaders working with highly engaged teams, motivating them through moments of recognition, leadership, inspiration, and development. Through leadership consulting, I collaborate with organizations to create teams that thrive, excel, and push past expected targets.

Work with Leslie Barker

Leslie Barker provides leadership consulting across Canada and the US. She has collaborated with multiple Fortune 500 companies like Telus, Bosch, Kimberly-Clark, BD, and Inova.

Learn more at leslie@leanexpansion.ca or 416.528.7990.