Lean Expansion Business Consulting in Toronto: Customized Consulting Solutions

01 Nov, 2020 | By leslie@leanexpansion.ca

When is the best time to bring on a business consultant? Are you ready to achieve greater results in less time? Whether it’s a start-up or a “reasonably” well-oiled machine, working with an independent business consultant who understands how to audit your operations is one of the best ways to learn about the opportunities you may be missing, as well as bottlenecks and hurdles that may be hurting delivery and impacting your customer.

Big or small, established or start-up, a good business consultant can find scalable solutions and plans that work to improve operations from the inside out. As a lean business consultant in Toronto, Leslie Barker has collaborated with organizations across North America to map operations, before developing solutions to tackle your toughest business goal. 

Lean Business consulting is a niche of business consulting. The overall premise is to focus on what customers value while cutting down unnecessary waste. There are many subsets of business consulting—strategy/management consultants, business transformation consultants, and even those who specialize in legal, IT medicine, and more. Through services for lean business consulting in Toronto (and North America), Leslie works (mostly by teleconferencing and video) to provide organizations with the professional advice to solve an array of problems.

4 Specialized Areas of Lean Business Consulting in Toronto

Choosing a Business Consultant who’s experienced with your challenge can be critical to solving issues related to strategy execution and operational efficiency. 

Customer Experience/CX Consulting

Customer Experience Consulting, or CX Consulting, involves surveying and analyzing different touchpoints of the customer journey. For many businesses, this is critical to building up brand loyalty and creating stronger relationships. Spoiler – it’s not about loyalty programs but gaining insights into the factors that motivate your customers. 

Kaizen Consulting

As a kaizen consultant in Toronto, Leslie focuses on design thinking and problem-solving. Kaizen consulting can be tricky because organizational leaders often don’t know why team members struggle with chronic problems. There’s a breakdown in the system, and it’s up to the kaizen consultant to determine the root of the problem and then come up with a practical, solution that addresses it and scales across the organization. 

Policy Deployment

For organizations that keep missing out on goals and timelines, a business consultant who specializes in policy deployment, also known as Hoshin Kanri, is likely the best solution. Policy deployment is about aligning everyday work tasks with the strategic goals of the company. It’s about making sure everyone understands the most important corporate goals and aligning the workflows of everyone, from the frontline workers to the CEO, with these tasks. Policy deployment is vital for companies that are trying to achieve rapid growth or those struggling to survive because it provides a roadmap of priorities everyone can follow.

Executive Coaching/Consulting

The final service offered by Leslie is Executive Coaching. Leadership is vital in any organization. By leveraging coaching strategies, Leslie quickly and effectively teaches leaders how to process information and guide their teams. These strategies are useful for organizations that want to develop leaders who know how to prioritize important company goals while continuously working to nurture and support next-generation leaders within the organization.

5 Tips to Find the Right Business Consultant

Choosing the right business consultant is part of solving key problems related to growth, quality, productivity, and profit. Here are five quick tips for narrowing the field:

  • Explain your problem. Leslie Barker works with organizations that need help defining their goals. Ask a question anytime.
  • Ask for references. A good business consultant should be able to provide a successful body of work.
  • Understand the terms. How will your consultant charge, work, follow-up? Every business consultant is a bit different, so make sure you know what you’re getting.
  • Measure results. Does your consultant track results? If so, remember to establish how success will be measured
  • Ask for a consultation. Business consulting is personal, and it’s best to work with someone you find personable who will offer the long-term support often necessary to solve complex problems.

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