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Leadership Development: Tips for Busy Professionals to Improve Leadership Skills

Scheduling leadership development as a regular part of professional life is essential for leaders targeting consistent self-improvement—and it takes a lot less than you might think. As business leaders or professionals in any field, carving out time for skills improvement is essential to improving leadership competencies and outcomes. As a business consultant with over 20 […]

08 Jan, 2023 | By
Reset Momentum in 2023 with Lean Consulting

As a lean consultant, I’m already starting to collaborate with organizations that want to get ahead to 2023. While the worst of COVID may be behind us, CEOs still face epic challenges. The threat of a recession is looming, supply chains remain uncertain, and businesses in all industries are struggling to find and keep talented employees. […]

03 Jan, 2023 | By
Hiring a Business Consultant: What, Why, When, and How

Is it time to hire a business consultant? Surprisingly, organizational leaders don’t always recognize the value of these services. However, there is immense value for organizations lacking in-house expertise who may require a second opinion, auditing services, or even a professional with the knowledge to restructure business or operations infrastructure. What is a Business Consultant? Business […]

14 Nov, 2022 | By
Lean Consulting More Relevant in 2022 Than Ever

Inflation unseen for generations, supply chain disruptions, and a world emerging from a global pandemic. As a lean consultant serving the US and Canada, many CEOs may be wondering—can a system conceived a generation or more ago still be relevant? Is there a place for the dusty old Lean methodology amidst all the unprecedented global […]

08 Oct, 2022 | By
Boost CX in Any Industry With 5 Powerful Tips

As a CX consultant, one of the most common questions I get is—what is the best way to grow loyalty? Without a doubt, the answer is customer experience. A growing base of loyal customers is one of the most critical factors to long-term growth. According to Temkin Group, improving customer experience can have a major […]

15 Aug, 2022 | By
Delivering Better Customer Experience Online

How do you distinguish your business in a highly competitive industry? For many industries, there is only one answer—customer experience. What does customer experience mean? Perhaps most clients feel satisfied enough, but how do you elevate service into something remarkable enough to share it with friends and family? As a CX Consultant, I work with […]

30 Jun, 2022 | By
Kanban Consulting: Creating Agile Workflows on a Team

Many years ago, under the guidance of a master of the Toyota Production System, one of the first systems I learned was kanban. Japanese for visual board or sign. Kanban today remains a critical toolset for developing agile systems. Back then, I worked hard to keep to the comprehensive rules of kanban to optimize the flow […]

26 May, 2022 | By
Leadership Consulting: From Survive to Thrive

Shifting market dynamics, high customer expectations, fluctuating turnover, growing competition—leadership is a balancing act, but recent global events have amplified many of the challenges. By leveraging Lean principles, I offer leadership consulting to leaders who want to learn how to better mobilize their teams and create a culture truly aligned with company values, all while achieving […]

04 May, 2022 | By
Advice from a Toronto Business Consultant: Leveraging CX Experience to Rejuvenate Sales in 2021

The new year is finally here. As a business consultant in Toronto, one of the top inquires has been—how do I revive sales in 2021? My answer is always CX experience—improving your customer’s engagement even before they become a customer. The pandemic caused many organizations to drop projections for top line growth. Before attempting to play […]

31 Jan, 2021 | By
Meeting Business Goals in 2021: Tips from a Lean Business Consultant

It’s safe to say to 2020 did not go as planned. Many businesses had to scale down or stop altogether. We all saw far too many beloved organizations shutter their doors—and families around the globe continue to negotiate challenges related to job loss, grief, and adaptation on a scale few of us have seen in […]

12 Jan, 2021 | By