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Meeting Business Goals in 2021: Tips from a Lean Business Consultant

It’s safe to say to 2020 did not go as planned. Many businesses had to scale down or stop altogether. We all saw far too many beloved organizations shutter their doors—and families around the globe continue to negotiate challenges related to job loss, grief, and adaptation on a scale few of us have seen in […]

12 Jan, 2021 | By
Lean Business Consulting – Achieve Success Working with a Business Consultant

As a lean business consultant, I consult with organizations looking to overcome challenges, increase revenue, or improve margins My range of experience includes Aerospace Engineering, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Software Development, Energy & Agriculture Support is flexible–hourly, daily, or monthly as needed  As a business consultant in Toronto, I work with companies across North America and […]

02 Dec, 2020 | By
Digital Disruption: Advice from a Business Consultant in Toronto

As a Toronto-based business consultant, I work with clients across the USA and Canada. When it comes to digital disruption, there’s one thing I emphasize—no industry is immune. I used to work for business giant Kodak. For decades, it was one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Today, it is virtually unknown by members of […]

12 Nov, 2020 | By
Lean Expansion Business Consulting in Toronto: Customized Consulting Solutions

When is the best time to bring on a business consultant? Are you ready to achieve greater results in less time? Whether it’s a start-up or a “reasonably” well-oiled machine, working with an independent business consultant who understands how to audit your operations is one of the best ways to learn about the opportunities you may […]

01 Nov, 2020 | By
Kaizen Business Consulting: The Principle of Continuous Improvement

The idea of performance improvement has been around for more than one hundred years. Rooted in the manufacturing process, it has evolved to meet the needs of modern business processes. Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning to “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” It is a methodical process of consistently and gradually improving operations. Success […]

29 Sep, 2020 | By
Business Consultant Reveals the Worst Question to Ask an Employee

Is it time to train up the next generation of business leaders in your organization? Do you plan to do it internally or hire a business consultant who specializes in guidance and mentorship? Today, executive coaching is a tricky business, because different workplaces hold different expectations on their leaders. Does your organization take a traditional approach to the corporate […]

14 Sep, 2020 | By
Lean Methodology: 5 Reasons to Consider a Lean Business Consultant

Are you considering business consulting services? If it’s time to bring in a fresh set of eyes to refine processes and solve problems, consider looking for a lean business consultant. Lean business consultants are experts at helping organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. By implementing a methodology like lean or Six Sigma, these consultants […]

21 Aug, 2020 | By
Back from the Brink Business Consulting: How Hoshin Kanri Helped a Struggling Client During SARS-Part 3

When SARS came to Toronto in 2003, I had recently been hired by an organization that was already navigating potential layoffs and shutdown. For a new business consultant, it was a worst-case scenario. The client was just starting to stabilize when news of a disease that started halfway around the world triggered mass economic turmoil […]

11 Aug, 2020 | By
Back from the Brink Business Consulting: How Hoshin Kanri Helped a Struggling Client During SARS-Part 2

I have offered business consulting services in Toronto and across North America for almost two decades. As a senior business consultant, one of my greatest challenges was helping a struggling organization to negotiate the SARS pandemic. In part two of our blog, we’ll look at how Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment) helped operations recover during the SARS pandemic. Today, many businesses […]

19 Jul, 2020 | By
Back from the Brink: How Hoshin Kanri Helped a Struggling Client During SARS-Part 1

As a Toronto business consultant who specializes in Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment),  I work with corporations across North America. Organizations turn to business consulting for various reasons. One of the most popular is when they can’t reach major milestones. Somehow there never seems to be enough time, enough money, or enough personnel. Sound familiar? One […]

24 Jun, 2020 | By


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